The stress of day to day makes us always running, in a hurry and busy. It is for this reason, that yoga has more and more followers.

Yoga is a body practice to achieve a better physical and mental state. There are several types of yoga, although the best known is Hatha Yoga and is based on the realization of postures, breathing techniques, concentration and meditation.

At the Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo, they bet on this type of activity to disconnect body, mind and soul. They offer the opportunity to practice an outdoor yoga session in a setting of incomparable beauty and serenity. The activity ends with a personalized 60-minute massage under the shade of the olive groves. A way to revitalize the body and disconnect, relieve stress and achieve optimal wellness.

10 reasons to practice yoga outdoors at the Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo

  1. Activate your five senses

The sensation of being in nature, listening and feeling the breeze, will stimulate the senses and allow you a concentration, renewal and relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

  1. Improve concentration

The practice of yoga will help you to concentrate better and to feel how your body enjoys the environment.

  1. Greater oxygenation

You will breathe cleaner air since the mind and body receive better oxygenation.

  1. It gets rid of everything negative around you.

By being barefoot on the grass or sand and in contact with the ground, you will absorb the energy of the earth, allowing the negative energies to be exchanged for the positive energies.

  1. Makes you feel stronger

The stability in the postures of yoga that you adopt on the grass or sand could be challenging, but at the same time they will strengthen you.

  1. Accumulate more energy

Nature will fill you with positivity that will make healing and balance of body and soul.

  1. Disconnect from your day to day

Yoga will disconnect you from your daily routine and disconnect for a while from everything that bothers you.

  1. Feel peace sensation

The nature that surrounds you will make you feel that you are in a moment of relaxation and peace.

  1. Connect with yourself

You will get to know yourself better.

  1. It helps you to be happier

With the balance of body and mind you will feel that you are happier and that for a while your problems have become smaller.

If you also want to try this activity offered by the Hotel La Caminera Club de Campo, do not hesitate to contact with OuiSellYou.

Yoga en el campo

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