Ouisellyou 10 years in the MICE industry

Ouisellyou: 10 años en el sector MICE

We are celebrating!

Today, exactly 10 years ago, Laura and Neus joined in the “Madrid-Barcelona” restaurant in Aragón street to talk about what they wanted to be great … The two agreed that they wanted to dedicate themselves to something that fascinated them.

A few days before this meeting, a former director of the hotel where they had worked together, the great professional Sr. Reinhard Wall proposed them to market events oriented hotels, with which he was starting a project. He was interested in his experience and know-how in the MICE sector. These three hotels still did not have this market segment, it was the two hotels of the T3 chain of management at the Hotel Hilton Sa Torre de Mallorca and the Hilton Buenavista de Toledo, along with a wonderful resort in Portugal, the Bom Sucesso in Óbidos .

After lunch, they not only talked about the future, but also past and present, the two went home thinking the same thing: If this company needed their knowledge in the event sector, perhaps the they could need some more. ..

And so the embryo was created from what is now Ouisellyou. A few days later and sitting in a terrace in the neighborhood of Gràcia with his friend Yolanda Torres de Equipo Singular, with a handful of cats and improvising brainstorming the name OUISELLYOU . OUI: affirmative, positive, also allowed to play with its similar phonetic in English with the pronoun WE, us. SELL: sale or sales, what they are dedicated to and do, and YOU: to you, to you, to your clients.

He also became his leiv motiv: we sell you, we represent you in the field of events. From there everything was not “blowing and making bottles.” They worked hard and lived in first person what it means to have a company of their own, but they have also enjoyed working in everything that has relation with spaces for events, and the balance is always inclined towards continuity.

Of course, they thank those who trusted in their project from the start, managing T3 Hotels, the Boella Resort & amp; Hotel Magnolia, the Eivissa Conference Center, CCCB, Cultural Heritage Monuments of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Granollers MICE destination and so many other spaces for events that have been represented during these years and with those who collaborate in the news They are also grateful for the success of so many friends who gave them technical support and morally, to Pepe his manager and friend from the beginning, to Manel who designed their first website, to Mónica who accompanied them for a few years the office; La Mireia, Ariadna, her colleagues from Crea Congresos and much, very, very especially to her couples who have believed in them and have allowed them to maintain this project and, best of all, to be mothers at the same time.

A big hug to all!

Laura & Neus

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