The vilars Rurals are a MICE destination.

The rural Vilars for many years have led the number 1 in the list of family tourism destinations; but since a few years ago, as a result of the first requests from companies from different sectors, they have prepared to host and organize company events and celebrations.

Currently there are many companies that seek to offer their employees incentives and days of disconnection and reflection, to close the year and take the new projects with push for the next semester, and any of the 3 rural vilars offer facilities and an adequate environment for this type of events.


Located in a natural and unique setting, each Rural Vilar is fully integrated into the environment. The companies can have an exclusive Vilar, which we could almost compare with a town, where they have their Bar, the alleys, the environment and the meeting rooms, where they can live for either 1 day of incentive or meeting or during the necessary days of convention, because the three have bungalow-type rooms distributed through the streets of the vilar, in addition, the flexibility of the hotel group Serhs, allows the company to customize the entire space, making the vilar DNA of the company that celebrates the event.


They have rooms with natural light for groups of 10 pax up to 200, prepared with A / V system, and by companies looking for leisure activities to reinforce skills among workers, we can find multi-adventure activities, wine tastings, outings with horses , quads …


If you are looking for a location for your company’s next event, the Villars Rurales are your solution!

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