Outdoor events: what you should keep in mind

When October arrives, the days get shorter and the feeling that summer has finally ended and everything that goes with it, then, you realize what the good weather brings you. Every year I think I should take more advantage then and start working on the terraces. Then I remember the saying “until May 40, do not take off your coat”. This is the time to organize outdoor events.

As representatives of venues for events in the peninsula we work and have worked with places and hotels that have small, medium or large outdoor areas to host events. In Ouisellyou, we love these places because we allow a lot of creativity. It is true that it can be more important.

Organizing outdoor events is a challenge because we depend on multiple factors, some of them uncontrollable by us.

In this package would be wind, rain, cold or heat, mosquitoes / flies and any previous environmental factors that may have affected the terrain.

Our advice, from our own experience, is to have a Plan B always. In another order of things would be aspects closely related to the assembly of the event itself such as:

Access to the event space for both attendees and staff involved in the assembly. It is essential to provide coordinates or specific location by mobile. The google addresses are not 100% reliable and from space we must facilitate the arrival and avoid any setbacks in this regard.

Space for parking merchandise and assistants, either by car or coach. Fundamental to have a space for this purpose and ideally a person who can manage the entry and exit, as it happens that almost all do at once…

Area for catering. We must always contemplate it, in fact if it does not exist we create it. The office is fundamental and must be incognito …

Electric power. It is usually a “deal” for the production part. In this case, Plan B must also always be considered, a support generator that can respond in the event of an electrical fall and that can supply the necessary power for all needs (furnaces, sound, lighting).

Time zone. The start and end time of the event must be agreed between the space and the client. In many cases, and despite being outdoors, the space has a time limit of use and, what is more important, has a maximum time of acoustic emission. This time must be clear to all: space-organizer-final client, because there is always someone for whom the concert or session of dj ends too soon …

Bathrooms. Also a challenge for many spaces that do not have enough or are only inside.

Always value the number of attendees, the type of event and adjust the services. And there are many more such as the exterior furniture, the type of restoration service to be carried out, the necessary decoration, the arrangement according to areas etc.

Ouisellyou helps you raise outdoor events in your spaces.

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