The venue selection

Our experience with the venues, from a point of view of advice and commercial representation, and venues, from our branch of space management, leads us to a clear and evident premise: When choosing and / or proposing a venue it is essential to have a detailed briefing of the needs and the objective of the event.

Something that seems so obvious in other industries, such as the world of advertising, has taken a while to reach our sector in a general way. Even today venues or intermediaries must insist on obtaining as much information as possible.

It is essential both for the event organizers and for us, representatives of spaces for events, to be able to compile a map of needs in order to start up our space filter.

Main points of an event’s briefing

It is essential both for those who help to find the best space for the event and for those who manage spaces to know details such as:

Ideal location of the space that should host the event. It is clear that a brand pop up or an event that seeks to reach a young and adolescent public needs a central and well communicated space. Let’s forget about spectacular venues in nature for example

Dimensions. There is a phrase that we love and that is real like life itself: “If space is small we can not stretch it but if it is big we can do many things to diminish it”. In this sense it is interesting to be advised by the managers of the space that will indicate how they resolved this situation in past events and also by our production team that by decoration and lighting can always reduce a venue.

Budget. Knowing the number that the client is willing to invest in a space for that event prevents us from making proposals or considering spaces that will be discarded in the first round. Time is still gold for everyone.

Priority reservation of the space and creation of the event with the in-house team. The sooner the better, we already know about our time. students, “Do not leave for the last day to study that they will not give you the hours …”

You sell them for events, we appreciate having enough time to make an attractive and very tailor-made proposal for each event. We like to be able to teach the space and contribute and propose ideas and means to add to the event.

Assistants. An international who comes to our city for the first time will surely look for very representative spaces and perhaps more tourist or expected from our city. However, a repeat customer or a national customer will tend to choose a less popular space, representative of the city but less known. Knowing the nationality, age, if there are more men or women, the sector of activity, help us to develop a profile of assistants that will guide us in the proposal of spaces.

In short, all the information about the event helps to define the best venues for its realization.

Send us your briefing and Let’s work together!

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