The Cocktail, beyond a drink

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Summer asks us for refresh in all its modalities: cold water baths, fridge drinks, shadows and breezes.

In the category of refreshing drink, and festive at the same time, are cocktails. These careful preparations that delight our palate and senses, and that we must keep at bay if we do not want them to cloud our vision….
The cocktails combine liquors, alcohols and various drinks to reach a new dimension.

Classic movie cocktails

These combination, elaborated as if they were masterly treated, are part of the story and have a presence in our current life.
Many of them have made history and are part of our memories.
Without going too far, we all remember the famous “Cosmopolitan” of the series Sex in New York. Vodka, triple dried, cranberry juice, lemon juice, a piece of orange rind and ice. A drink that bets on fruits combined with white liquor.

Another iconic cocktail that comes to mind is “A vodka with a dry martini, mixed not stirred”. The famous sentence that appears in all the films of James Bond, who opted for a dry drink without frills or color tints. One more characteristic of this hard and cerebral in appearance character.

The Lost in Translation movie made us taste a Tonic Vodka and a Whiskey in the bar of the Tokyo Hotel bar with Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.
The first a more youthful, cheerful and fruity drink, while the second for many represents maturity.

The role of the cocktail in events

About cocktails we can find a lot of literature, bars of worship, famous bar tenders and courses of all durations and specialties.
They are also a resource for corporate events that offer hotels, restaurants, bars, venues and caterings.
We can think, among others, of a cocktail workshop in the framework of the corporate event. The activities around Gin Tonic, for example, have become very popular. Knowing the history of gin, its infinite varieties, the most appropriate tonic for each of them and the “flavors” that most marry is a really interesting experience.

The cocktail can also have a great role in corporate events accompanied by music, as is the case of the Pianobar: on the one hand, a traditional piano, and on the other, a real cocktail bar. A spectacle for your event, which fits in any venue and provides an extraordinary atmosphere.

Beyond cocktail as a drink

A cocktail is also a social or corporate event that is held in the evening in order to celebrate or present something. Its duration can range between 1 and 2 hours. It is served standing up and consists of snacks that can be eaten with a bite and drinks.

Another use we give to this word is for clothing. The cocktail dress is characterized by its cut at knee height, or a few centimeters above or below it. It can be taken both day and night, for events that require a certain label.

In another order of things, if we talk about visualization, that is, of the mental image that comes to our head when we hear this word, it can also be that of the 1988 Tom Cruise film and that coincided with its consolidation as a movie star .
Cocktail’ is neon lights, alcohol, nightlife, disco music, decay, ambition… but it’s also romance, fun, life lessons and survival laws ”(Cinema and Cinema).

OuisellYou-Blog-El-cóctel-en-eventos corporativos

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