Incentive Trip near Madrid

The incentive trip is, within the corporate events sector, a business marketing tool based on an activity designed to motivate people to achieve business goals. Incentive trips allow customer loyalty, motivate sales teams, coalesce departments and promote business development and culture.

According to Philip Eidsvold, Director of Accounts of Aimia and member of the board of directors of SITE, the International Association of Incentive Travel, it is important to remind companies that incentive trips bring them benefits and added value, as it motivates employees to better professional performance.

The incentive as an enriching experience.

In incentive trips it is important today to incorporate experiences that connect to a specific destination or location, creating unique memories. The trips based on history and immersion in the local culture, those that have a learning component, create an additional value to the experience of the participants and are usually the most demanded in this type of business events.

The destination of the incentive trip must take into account the strategic criteria of the company and its specific objectives. Following this cultural and authenticity component of the travel, and just as an example, in the Ciudad Real area we can link the incentive to several factors:

– Manchego cheese. The best known and most important of Spanish cheeses. Archaeological remains show that centuries before Christ this product was already made.
– Wine D. O. Valdepeñas. Valdepeñas, which concentrates the largest number of wineries in the area. White wines, from the Airen grape, are very light in the mouth, slightly alcoholic, yellow and moderately acidic. The reds, coming from the cencibel grape, are wines with more body, as a result of their particular elaboration.
– Gastronomy. It offers a variety of dishes such as: crumbs, porridge, galianos, “asadillo”and stews.
– El Quijote: In this territory, this great literary work will be remembered as it crosses its plains, old sales, villages with wide streets, crests with white mills and the largest vineyard in Europe
– Nature: Amazing nature of lagoons and spectacular landscapes that allow activities such as canoing, quad excursions, bird watching, night stars, geocatching, hiking, etc.

The incentive event beyond Madrid city

The city of Madrid, with its international airport and rail and road network connections, often becomes the start of the incentive trip that has as its destination a great diversity of nearby areas.
Leaving the big city to propose alternative destinations to these types of events is a trend that continues to grow. The benefits of these options outside the city allow:
– Eliminate stress
– Visit natural landscapes and do outdoor activities
– Discover cultural secrets
– Savor an exquisite gastronomic and wine offer.

Manel Colmenero, co-director of Ocio Vital, mentions a phrase from Eric From “Creativity requires having the courage to let go eventually of all certainties” to argue that habitually unconventional environments, where peace and serenity surround us, is where we can get the best results. The mind needs break the routine, be relaxed to create and find solutions. In natural environments we connect with real legends that allow us not to lose faith in everything we do.

If we add a good dynamization and connection with the assistant, the incentive event then becomes an experience.

We talk about some destinations for incentive events near Madrid:

Segovia: Declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. It is worth enjoying the vision of its aqueduct, the cathedral, the fortress, wandering through its narrow streets and savoring the famous piglet.
Toledo: Medieval city heritage of humanity. In this city history, art, culture, gastronomy and crafts are mixed with its famous damascene.
Ávila: Medieval city, of the three cultures, World Heritage. Walk its wall, visit the historic center, taste its beans, the ribeye and the yolks of St. Teresa.
Aranjuez: city of kings and gardens. Visit one of the most beautiful palace complexes in Europe. Nature activities, next to the Tagus River.
Boadilla del Monte: Municipality with a rich architectural heritage. Do not forget to visit its historic center, Palacio del Infante Don Luis and its mountains of holm oaks.
Cercedilla: Remains of the old Roman road, hiking trails, natural pools, gastronomy and history.

And if you dare to go a little further, Villanueva de los Infantes: a town full of architectural treasures. Declared a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1974, it is the most important representative of the Baroque and the Manchego Renaissance. Villa where Lope de Vega, origin of Don Quixote and last abode of Quevedo.

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