10 characteristics of hotel terraces to host events

The terraces of the hotels have become an essential of urban leisure willing to quench the heat, being seen in more exclusive environments, enjoying an evening with endless possibilities, of "skylines" that will leave you speechless, mj´ñxcfd parties , afterworks of companies ...
Summer is ending but the good weather that September and October offers us still invite us to want to celebrate events abroad, a very good option is the terraces, taking into account the variety of green areas, exteriors and with wonderful views that Barcelona offers us .

We are talking about the terraces on the roofs, which are located on the floors from the 10th at the Hotel Royal Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​to the 5th in the case of the Monument Hotel or the 7th floor of the Claris Hotel, spaces that invite us to to enjoy the most spectacular views of the city, those rooftops that tell so many stories and that have appeared so many times in songs, one of the great jewels that undoubtedly houses Barcelona and that bring us a little closer to the sky.

What factors do most of them have in common? in our point of view, as a sales representatives of some of them and as experts in the search for new Venues for our clients:

They are “a place to be”, the place where you should be, it is the most sought-after summer plan, the places in the cities that we usually look for just before fleeing from them to enjoy the holidays and that when we return we Remember the sunsets that we have experienced in recent days.
- They are all on the roofs of the hotels, open to the public, not just the hotel guest.
- Many of them have swimming pools, for the exclusive use of the hotel clients, but that allow to give a refreshing air during those most stifling nights and those that we can use at times to distribute decorative candles or other elements.
- In all of them there is a Bar service and in some of them they also serve cocktails, dinners, finger buffet lunch…
- The environment is more exclusive almost private, since access is limited and their capacity too.
- They offer "skylines" that will leave you speechless and also enjoy a very different image of the city.
- In the open air, with the option of being able to enjoy them also during the autumn and winter period when they are covered and even with heating systems, such as the terrace 83.3 of the Hotel Royal Passeig de Gracia or the Eleven Bar of NH Calderón .
- These terraces usually add a good atmosphere with innovative cocktail proposals.
- Live Music, which reminds the environments of many video clips that have been shot on rooftops of famous cities, from the Beatles to Depeche Mode or U2 for example
- And last but not least, experts have recommended that the intensity of the light in an office can be similar to that of the dawn of a clear day, which could make a terrace one of the best places to create, Innovate and work.

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