This is a good time to think about your company’s Family Day

This is a good time to think about your company’s Family Day

Family day, a day to share with your team and their families. 
An event that allows its employees to take a break in their daily lives and discover 
their families in the workplace.

A carefree meeting, an incentive for their employees, 
so that they become part of the company and that the company shows them that they are 
part of it., AND SUM.

Family Day is a formula that has existed for years in other countries, 
how it is published, and that we have imported a few years ago. 
An excellent idea that is due to a success already has an annual or even biannual character...
A day to thank a team that is there, that is part of that project. 
A few hours to motivate, to express, to create group membership and commitment

Today we propose you to join your teams and families in a different environment, 
we propose you to make a picnic or a food truck area, near Barcelona, ​​in a rural and special environment, in an Indiana House of the XVIII century, where you can enjoy a good outdoor barbecue while the little ones play and have fun throughout the environment thanks to the many options we can offer to all ages: inflatables, concerts, workshops, gymkhana, horseback riding ..

Break the routine and recharge the energy of your company in Castell de Ben Viure!

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