OuiSellYou brings you their news tasting menus for your meetings and events.

 It is not always necessary to be a great chef to know that, today, customers have been divided into two large groups at the time of sitting at the table. First, we find those who enjoy just a particular dish; and those who prefer to be surprised with a tasting menu, it means, those who prefer to taste several small dishes on the table.

I would like us to focus on talking about the second group that we mentioned, it is clear that in this group the client is looking for a new experience; that each dish speaks for itself, that it transmits new emotions, that each bite is an explosion of flavors, allowing those who try it to live an unusual experience.

And, what is the charm of a tasting menu?

It is a list of previously chosen dishes made by several chefs in which, at first sight, you may not know what it is or what its ingredients are, but do not worry, you will not be disappointed, on the contrary , you can try a wide variety of dishes and ingredients with a correlation and exquisite treatment.

Will you stay with the desire?

OuiSellYou presents you for these celebrations, the best tasting menus for your meetings or events, based on a special and interesting combination of flavors such as « chocolate and salt », creating different and delicious dishes, for instance you can taste unique dishes such as: Organic and Mole Chicken Pop Cake, Pickled Fruits, Dry Tomato and Cacao or Beer and Chocolate Cake.

Definitely some dishes that will leave you wanting to try more.


It is important to mention our menus, created by Quatrepams are available in all our spaces, so you can enjoy them wherever you are; because we want to make these holidays another reason to share, enjoy and thank with us.

Take our tasting menu to your meeting or event and live the experience.

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