Rural hotels offering the exclusivity of the space: A new experience for your event.

Rural hotels with 100 bedrooms, interior spaces with natural light, green areas for carrying out activities, local cuisine and activities to make your event something exceptional. An enviable environment for your company to be the protagonist. Unlimited possibilities for your event.

Vilars Rurals are the ideal place to carry out any type of meeting that you want to perform in a different environment and surrounded by nature.
Rooms with natural light, free high-speed connectivity, varied cuisine with a healthy concept, outdoor spaces and exceptional locations for the realization of varied and innovative activities.

Vilars Rurals are located in countryside areas of Catalonia and propose"turnkey" stays for a company, being able to adapt the whole complex to the needs of the event: thematization, conditioning of spaces, creation of activities with the involvement of qualified staff, healthy gastronomy a la carte, etc ...