Sala Barts


Art technical equipment, large stage and audience diaphanous

Espacio escénico en el Paralelo de 3.400 m2 en tres niveles. Equipamiento técnico de última generación, gran escenario y posibilidad de retirar todas las butacas de platea para conseguir un espacio diáfano de 387 m2.

The Main Hall

The room configuration can have different formats: auditorium, open room (through a system of removable seats) and space for catering and spectacles with round tables.

  • Full room: In theater-conference format and throughout the room (amphitheaters and boxes included) has a capacity of 933 seats, which are allocated as follows:
    • Stalls 484 seats (total or partially dismantled to reduce capacity)
    • First floor: 144 seats in the central tier and distributed in 72 boxes. Second floor: 207 seats in the central tier and 26 side chairs.
  • Stalls: It has a large and modern stage with the most advanced technology. Measurements: Boca scenario and useful background 9m 8.5m. The audience without seats can hold 1,000 people standing. Measures of the stalls: 20.66 x 19.33 deep wide. 387 m2 surface

Club Room

It is located on the first floor of the building, has a small stage for performances of all kinds, you can also accommodate caterers and allows a completely open space. It has a private access from the outside. Capacity of 120-210 people

Auxiliary rooms

The building has 3 entries, one of them is direct access to the meeting rooms located on the second floor so: 3 rooms 22.50, 15 and 13 m2 respectively.

Other spaces and common areas

The Hall has a bar and space for wardrobe. On the second floor of the main hall there is a private bar located under the stands in an inner portion. The room has 5 fully equipped dressing rooms on floors 1 and 2, and 4 more dressing rooms on level -1, all with showers and bathrooms.

The space hosts music and theater performances, so has an extensive technical equipment of last generation.

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The BARTS room has an exclusive catering services provider, although you can hire another provider with your approval and supporting the cost of a canon. The room also has a kitchen in one of the upper floors.

The space offers a cloakroom, access control, cleaning, technical bars and drinks. These services are sized according to the event and are budgeted separately.

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