We analyze and we explain

OuiSellyou has a long experience in the commercial sector and in the market for congresses, conventions and incentive hotels, conference centers and unique venues .

This path has led us to glimpse the best way to organize an internal sales department, the importance of clearly defining the sales strategy, the proper management of quotes and contracts, and the need for the constant search for new business opportunities.

When you ask, who else can I do, you OuiSellyou responds: "Valuing if you can do more things or maybe improve existing ones."

OuiSellyou , advises and audits in all these categories to create a solid and consistent product:

  • Sales strategy
  • Sales Team Training
  • Development of standards and procedures
  • Analysis distribution channels
  • Pricing policies
  • online reputation
  • Social media
  • Mystery Guest
  • SEO

If you have a Venue and you need to increase your sales

What else can you do to create a solid product?

Professionalize your sales department