Casa Capella La Rambla

New Venue on La Rambla in Barcelona.

Located in the most lively center of Barcelona, between La Boqueria Market and Liceu Music Hall, this stately apartment with lots of natural light, enviable views of Las Ramblas, equipped kitchen and wifi has four rooms communicated and soundproof.

Casa Capella was founded in 1700 and hosted the first chocolate bar in Barcelona. Now, a 190m2 flat on the main floor of La Rambla, is available to event planners to hold small format events in an incomparable setting, full of history and neoclassical art.

A balcony on the most emblematic street of the city of Barcelona. It will be easy for you to get there; it will not be difficult for the others to find the venue. And more over the area offers plenty of activities to be enjoyed.

Its location and characteristics invite to host executive meetings, product presentations, culinary workshops, showrooms, etc ...

It boasts natural light, equipped kitchen and wifi. All the spaces are connected to each other, being able to go around the whole flat, without doors and soundproof.


17 m2 spacce with natural daylight and neoclassical paneled ceiling.

Views over La Rambla.


Located on the left side of the entrance door. It is the room that enjoys greater visibility over La Rambla because it occupies the whole corner of the building. Large and soundproof window with access to the balcony. 33 m2 for meetings, shows and catering services.


The old music room, where hosts and guests listened melodies and danced. It offers 37 m2 right next to the kitchen


The most interior room of all and with higher ceilings. White walls for projections or exhibitions. Ideal also for office of kitchen or additional room. From this space you can access the bathrooms.Casa Capella works with recommended suppliers for additional services such as audiovisual material, catering services and furniture.

1. Sala Vaticà 17m² 2. Sala Strauss 33m² 3. Sala Daurat 37m² 4. Cocina 9m² 5. Baños 17m² 6. Sala Blanca 40m²    

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